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We use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Methods to provide state of the art sentiment and emotion analysis
for content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and News Feeds

Why is this important?

Less than 30% of Consumers actually leave feedback or respone to surveys

Utilise a vast array of already available public data to identify exsisting and prospective customers, find out how they feel about your product / brand. With our platform you can upload your existing surveys for analysis or set up a report to understand what your customers are saying about your brand.

  • Get customer insights from already available public data
  • Get regular updates on your brands and reports.
  • Leverage on the advances made in Artificial Inteligence research.

Be the first to know what the public is saying about your brand so you can protect your brand reputation. Avoid social media crises and loss of reputation by identifying re-occuring trends before they get out of hand.

Product Featuress

Configurable Reports

Leverage our easy to use dashboard to configure, filter, & analyze content about your brand.

Data Analysis

Using analytical and statistical techniques to evaluating and examine each component of the data to provide a detailed breakdown of outcomes.

Sentiment Analysis

Use our advanced machine learning and natural language processing methods to for track the mood of the public about a your brand/product.

Trend Tracking

Monitor and Track your brand hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and many other websites.

Report Dashboard Portal

Login to the reporting portal and view your reports

Set up, Configure, View, Manage and Download your reports

Get a glance view of the Key Performance Indicators for your brand. Understand the public's view of your brand or specific products. Utilize the information to feedback into your future brand objective of your business/campaign or product. Our Dashboard provides a clean visual design, with a critical view of the data and which incorporates interactivie controls to create a better understanding of your results.

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We also provide custom plans based on your needs. For more information contact us

More Features

Some additional Features we offer

Data Exporting

Convert your data for external use by genrating automated PDF reports and .xls files.


Filter your results to the samllest detail and pay attention to comments, terms, sentiments or entities that are of most important for your brand.

Schedule Alerts

Configure and setup threshold alerts - E.g, you can get email notifications of negative mentions of your brand hits a specific number

Custom Term Identification

So you want to find out when specific terms/phrases are used about your brand. We can help you do that.



$25 month

  • Daily reports
  • 100 mentions per source
  • Twitter, Instagram, Bing News
  • News Headline & Description
  • 2 keywords/hashtags
  • 1 Scheduled Configurable Alerts
  • Data Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis Reports
  • Update every 12 hrs
  • Data retention 2 months
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$199 month

  • Daily reports
  • 1000 mentions per source
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Bing & Google News
  • News Headline & Description
  • 10 keywords/hashtags per source
  • 5 Scheduled Configurable Alerts
  • Data Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis Reports
  • Named Entity Analysis Reports
  • Update every 1hr
  • Data retention 12 months
  • Email Alerts
  • Custom Term Identification
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Content Opinion

We are a team of research developers with PhD's in Data analysis and Natural Language Processing. Our goal is to help your brand better understand what the public opinion


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